Corporate structure

Founders of elumeo Founders of elumeo: Boris Kirn, Thomas Jarmuske, Deborah Cavill, Wolfgang Boyé, Bernd Fischer, Don Kogen, Mitsunari Yoshimoto

Based in Berlin, elumeo SE is a “European Company” with a single-tier system that includes a Executive Board.

The members of the Executive Board of elumeo SE are Wolfgang Boyé, Don Kogen, Boris Kirn, Thomas Jarmuske, Bernd Fischer, Deborah Cavill, Anette Bronder and Roland Sand; the Managing Directors are Bernd Fischer, Boris Kirn and Thomas Jarmuske.

Currently, elumeo operates from its premises in Berlin (Germany), Rome (Italy), Birmingham (United Kingdom), Chanthaburi (Thailand) and Hongkong (China).

An organisational chart describing the structure of elumeo SE is available here.