elumeo offers its gemstone jewelry directly via various electronic sales channels. Besides interactive live sales via auctions, the company also provides classic fixed-price offers. Therefore, jewelry lovers have 24/7 access to the broad range of elumeo products from anywhere in the world.

  • Live commerce

    A key focus of the distribution strategy is interactive live sales, where a presenter offers limited quantities of products at a particular time. In such cases, the customer is able to interactively determine the price of the piece of jewelry by bidding by phone or bidding agent; the price continues to fall until the final piece of jewelry is sold. Besides specific information about the relevant piece of jewelry, the presenter also provides background information about the gemstones and how they were mined.

    Gemstone enthusiasts can follow these live shows via classic TV, smart TV or live streams on their computers and mobile phones and then place their bids by landline or mobile phone, via online bidding agents or by using the Juwelo app.

    elumeo currently has two local TV stations: in Berlin (Germany) and Rome (Italy).

  • Fixed-price offers

    In addition to the interactive sales format, the elumeo Group also makes use of online offers, operating online shops in Germany, the UK, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy.

    Comprehensive background information on the varieties of gemstone and their origins is also accessible for online customers. Gemstone enthusiasts can find out more about their favourite jewelry items at any time and in their preferred language via the glossary, the online journal, video clips and brief descriptions of each piece.

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