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elumeo Ad hoc publications listed in chronological order.


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29 Apr elumeo SE has published preliminary figures for 2023: Revenue stable compared to previous year, Web revenue significantly positive, adjusted EBITDA declining (pdf)


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15 Dec elumeo SE: Convertible bond 2023/2028 of up to € 1.2 million (pdf)


Date Title
23 Nov elumeo SE: Executive Board resolves capital increase of up to 200,000 shares to issue employee shares (pdf)
08 Apr elumeo SE publishes preliminary figures for 2021: Significant increase in revenue, adjusted EBITDA and net profit (pdf)


Date Title
26 Jan elumeo SE: Preliminary figures for financial year 2020 significantly above expectations (pdf)


Date Title
17 Sep elumeo SE: Raising of the forecast for financilal year 2020 (pdf)


Date Title
22 Nov elumeo SE to close its site in Rome (pdf)
23 Oct Wolfgang Boyé the new CEO of elumeo SE, Ingo Stober has resigned (pdf)
30 Sep Berlin Public Prosecutor’s Office exonerates management of elumeo SE. elumeo SE specifies forecast for 2019 (pdf)
03 June elumeo SE: No significant changes to the Group figures published previously; Postponement of the publication of the audited Consolidated Financial Statements by another two weeks (pdf)
02 May elumeo SE: elumeo SE postpones publication of its audited Consolidated Financial Statements and Yearly Financial Statements by a maximum of four weeks and reschedules its Annual General Meeting (pdf)


Date Title
09 Nov elumeo SE: elumeo SE to outsource its production (pdf)
25 Oct elumeo SE convenes extra-ordinary shareholders‘ meeting (pdf)
06 Aug elumeo SE revises forecasts for 2018 downwards (pdf)


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18 Dec elumeo SE consolidates broadcasting and closes down unprofitable business in the UK (pdf)


Date Title
26 June elumeo SE: Forecast for financial year 2016 revised after Brexit (pdf)


Date Title
10 Nov elumeo SE: Earnings for Q3 2015 negatively impacted by one-off-effects; Forecast for financial year 2015 lowered (pdf)
01 Jul elumeo SE: Offer price fixed (pdf)
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