A sustainable business approach is a key element of the corporate philosophy embraced by the elumeo Group and its subsidiaries.

Occupational safety

The safety of elumeo Group employees is paramount. At both its Indian and Thai partners and its goldsmith workshop in Berlin, workplace safety measures are a top priority at all stages of the gemstone working and jewelry production process. Although elumeo does not own any mines, it nevertheless does everything it can to ensure good local working conditions. Its buyers maintain close contact with mine owners and frequently visit the sites to monitor their working conditions.

Environmental protection measures

elumeo also sets great store by environmental protection in the mining of gemstones and production of jewelry. Various measures are taken to protect water from chemical contamination, residues, sludge, biological pollutants and waste in order to minimise the impact on flora and fauna and restore mining landscapes to their original condition. For instance, at some mines where trees are felled as a result of the mining activity, reforestation occurs. Furthermore, all chemicals used in the production and modification of jewelry are properly stored and disposed of. Juwelo Deutschland also ships its gemstone jewelry via the GOGREEN service of DHL, which means customers can contribute to a reduced carbon footprint when they place a Juwelo order.

Social commitment

elumeo has used its past success to support social causes in many different ways – most recently, in cooperation with Oxfam. This is an independent alliance of various aid and development organisations committed to working for a more just world and eliminating poverty. Prior to collaboration, Oxfam also screens any prospective partners for sustainable business practices.


Sustainability Report
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